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Tuesday, June 27, 2006 

Much better now, thank you

I frogged the beautiful stocking down to nothing and started over again. Since perfection takes time and mistakes don't I'm actually quite happy to cast on afresh and make even better, this time with larger needles (thanks Fi!) and with an elastic thread in the ribbing, to keep the stocking snug and up. I read on a blog somewhere that the sliding down was a problem for this particular garment, and I like learning from mistakes, preferably the ones made by others.

Thursday, my baby and his camera are going to China for a month. Not only will I be alone, but I will also only be able to take bad photos with my mobile. I apologize in advance for my bad documentation, but since I'll be on vacation I might be able to photograph in daylight, thus somewhat improving the quality of the photos.

oy! the stocking is gorgeous - sorry to hear of the frogging, though I know what it is to be able to start fresh and new :D

As for the cat, (Citrine, from Half Baked Objects) I believe I only used one ball of main color - and that was one ball of lion brand Microspun. I have heard that one ball of Knitpicks worsted weight wool will also do the trick. (sorry for leaving the info via comment - I couldn't find an email address for you!)

I love the Drops Alpaca cardign you made :D Well done!

I only recently found out that frogging takes courage, it does, and good for you that you focus on the positive side! Today I'm thinking of (just thinking about it) frogging my first lace-knit for the 4th time...

I'm poorly equipped with patience, and I want the stuff I make to feel new and exciting. Frogging and reknitting is soooo boring, since I've already done it once. Same goes for sleeves, mittens, and everything else knit in pairs - probably socks as well.

Knitting in pairs sucks. You know I have no patience either :)

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