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Tuesday, July 04, 2006 

I'm in yarnlove


Have a look at this super cute cabled cardigan from Karabella Yarns: It's just adorable! It's a must-knit for this fall. If I ever have any money again, I'll order the pattern online and then go to maybe Wincent Garner to get either Kid Classic or Classic Cashsoft Aran for the project, though I think Kid Classic comes in nicer colours. I've never knit anything in a Rowan yarn - I'd really like to know what the fuss is all about.

Yesterday the stragest thing happened at my LYS. I was getting a couple of skeins for the SP project, and I looked at the tag very carefully to make sure they were from the same dye lot, and they were. When I came home to wrap them up I looked at them again, squeezed them, and I'm telling you, they were not alike at all. One skein more round and chubby, the other one bigger and kind of flat. And the chubby one were more pinkish than the other. Very very strange. I really wanted to send the package yesterday, but who would want to send unmatching skeins to spoil someone? I'm going back there today to get a matching pair. I've no idea how this could happen. Has anyone out there an explanation to this?

On the knitting front, I've just finished the first sleeve on the guernsey for my godson. And most exciting of all: I've reached the heel flap on the Norwegian Stockings! I was very excited last night, telling Fi over MSN that I had reached the historical point in my knitting career where I was to knit a heel, and throwed myself onto the couch, needles in hand. First row went smoothly and according to pattern. Next row - oh my gosh! What? Fair isle purling?! How? What? Why? A quick googling didn't get me anywhere, since I apparently am a "Norwegian purler" (probably a heritage on my mother's side, since my grandmother is Norwegian) and hence not a "thrower", which appears to be the preferred disposition in these matters. I was left to my own devices. I did come up with something, and it's quite similar to how I normally knit, with both yarns on my left index finger, only they run from the front of work instead of the back. It's not very smooth, but it works. It might even just be a matter of habit. Anyway, my stocking now looks like this:

(imagine stocking picture here, since Blogger refuses to insert my photo)

Yey! I've rached the heel! I'm almost done! I just want to go home and snuggle up in the couch with my knitting...

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