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Friday, August 11, 2006 


Yesterday was my 27th birthday, and I was overwhelmed by the attention I got. A lot of people I didn't expect remembered me, so it was a very happy (and old) girl who went to bed last night. Funniest thing was when an old friend, Emma, sent me an sms. We have a common history of never remembering eachother's birthdays, so at first I was stunned to have a message from her. Then I opened it: "Do you know of any good snacks for 60 people? It's for Daniel's 30th birthday!". It's not unusual for her to ask for cooking tips, but I was stunned. How could she send me an sms on my birthday and have forgotten about it?! I responded: "And it's my friggin' 27th birthday today!", and I was severely upset. A minute later another sms: "I know it is... Haha! Happy birthday!"

Erik made me Chinese food for dinner. I wasn't too excited, but he wanted to show me what he had eaten in China during the summer. And it was sooo good! He made some chicken szechuan and beef with sesame seeds, and an oyster sauce omelette. Just delicious!

And then I opened my presents... My sweet SP had sent me a package with homemade gifts: two pairs of earrings and a pair of jaywalkers! The picture doesnt do them (or my legs...) any justice, but they are kind of pink, mixed, and apparently it's a designer yarn half wool half cotton. They fit perfectly and I really like the short shaft. They are very summery, and I wore them all evening!

I had wished for a knitting book from my mom, and instructed her on how to order books online, but I got a card that said she had failed the online procurement and that she had transfered money to my account so I can buy it myself... My Norwegian grandmother sent me a small handmade, creamcoloured Hardanger cloth, and I got lots of Chinese stuff from Erik. A shoulderbag and a wallet, both designer copies (Coach and Dior), some CK underwear, Chinese size XL (suitable for someone the size of Posh), a small leather purse and a cute dress, also size XL and still way too small.

Tomorrow I'm having a tiny afternoon party, the cake and coffee kind, for Erik's parents, Fi and her little family and possibly a couple of other friends. I've found a recipe for an orange cake I'm going to make... keep your fingers crossed!

Grattis!! Det är ju fantasktiskt roligt att fylla år när folk kommer ihåg det! 27 är ju den bästa åldern! man är vuxen, men inte 30 än! helt perfekt! Så Grattis igen och hoppas ni får det trevligt imorgon!

Happy birthday, sounds like you had a great time :)

Med en enkel tulipan
uppå bemärkelsedan
jag har den äran
jag har den äran
att gratulera!

Från en 31-åring som inte kommer att bli gammal de närmsta 10 åren (indignerad)!


Grattis i efterskott hälsar en evig 27-åring.

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