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Sunday, August 13, 2006 

Back finished!

I cast on for the Karabella cardi Friday night, and I've been unstoppable since then. It's so much fun! The Kid Classic yarn is soft and bouncy, although it could split if you don't watch it. And it knits up just beautifully! As I went to bed Friday night I had a completely different feeling about knitting than I've had for a long time. I love the Mörketid jacket, but it's a lot of hard work with it, and it doesn't grow very fast. This little piece of candy is such a treat! I just finished the back. (On the right you can also see a glimpse of my birthday Jaywalkers, at least the left one.)

My modifications this far is that I haven't cast off the edge, but decreased with short rows. I'm hoping to be able to make the yoke seam with a three needle bind-off. And obviously I had to make it longer, to fit my never-ending upper body.

I had my tiny birthday party yesterday, and it was very nice to have E's parents here, and Fi with her boys. The baby behaved suprisingly nicely for his age, my bew coffee machine made great coffee despite the bargain it was, I had made three kinds of cookies and an organge cake, and I got presents: a novel, an orchid and yaaaarn! Having knitting friends is the best: Fi gave me one hank of Svenskullgarn (Swedish 2-ply wool) from Grunnebo garn and, as delicate as a piece of jewellery, one hank of Debbie Bliss' Pure Silk, colour 06. Iiiix! To get the most out of the silk, I was thinking of a very narrow scarf, almost like a tie, in this lace pattern, or something like that. Or does anyone know of a better pattern?

Wow! You are very fast with your cardi. And it looks very good so far...
Love your SP

the Karabella cardi is gorgeous- 2 strands together , right? sounds like you improved the pattern greatly. I also have a long body- makes for extra knitting.
Keep knitting and blogging. I live in Florida, USA and love to see all the cold weather and European/Scandinavian knits.

No, it's just one strand. Thick and bouncy!

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