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Tuesday, August 08, 2006 

Mörketid progress

Yup, I'm knitting along on the Mörketid og vinterlys jacket. I struck me the other day that maybe the colours I'm using doesn't really shout dark season and winter light, but I still think it will look stylish when finished, thanks to the extraordinary elegance of the model. I've got a few months to get there, and today my LYS called and said the Rowan yarn for the Cabled Cardigan has arrived so maybe I'll knit them both during the fall, but then none of them will be finished very soon...

This is what it looks like today:

Eleven more rows until I've finished the first pattern repeat. Every eighth row there's a decrease, which is just about enough to keep me interested. There's also only two full and two 3/4 repeats every row, so it never gets boring. It does take a lot of concentration and pattern reading though, since there's no chance of learning the pattern by heart.

If you compare to my swatch below, you see that I inverted the colours. Just as I had cast on I realized that brown as main colour would look better with the brown border (since I won't wear that kind of green near my face). That also explains why the first row is green and not brown... Hopefully it won't show when the border's stitched in place.

Ååååh Den tröjan är så fin! Vad kul! Färgerna blir säkert bra också. Jag följer ditt arbete med spänning...

I think you made the right decision. Looks fab!

Vad bra att du inverterade, det blev mycket snyggare :)

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