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Saturday, October 14, 2006 

Washcloths and mittens

Yesterday I got the Lion Brand newsletter and came across something as unknown as washcloths. I figured it was knit for the kitchen, but googling led me to the distinction between washcloths and dishcloths. Tvättlapp och disktrasa. I could only think of one area of usage, and not a pretty one, so I figured it was kind of odd that it seems to be such a widespread phenomenon. I found this blog, and after reading even the comments I learned all there is to know about washcloths. Apparently you don't get clean if you only use soap in the shower. You're just nasty. I was stunned, and sice I don't want to be nasty or anything, I quickly cast on forty stitches with a spring green cotton originally destined for a crocheted amigurumi cat (who needs cats anyway?), and made a triangular pattern, so I would get a reversible washcloth. And ta-daa:

(I surrendered at the thought of using it for the face. I've started a war on pores.)

Apparently, two washcloths and a matching soap makes a great gift. Good to know with Christmas around the corner. And it only took two hours, including some internetting in between, to make it. It should be perfect for train knitting as well.

Today I procured a very lovely yarn for yet another birthday present. I'm gonna knit mittens, and I think it will be pirate mittens. For a person maybe not yet down with the supremacy of knitting and handmade knitwear I think it might be a good introduction. Behold Létt-Lopi and its beautiful lustre.

That is an *interesting* discussion on the use of washcloths - who knew! Your diamondy one is lovely!

That's só funny, in Holland we don't have washcloths either, we have 'washHANDS', it's basically a wascloth stitched together to form a square mit. When I worked in a New York State summercamp the fenomenon of washcloths entered my life. Up till this day, I find the washcloth a very unpractical thing to use, a washmit is so much more logical... ;-)

And I can't figure out if washcloths are clever or disgusting. Mine turned out too loose and stretches more than desired when wet, but it's really nice to look at.

I like to give away dishcloths/washcloths with fancy bath items as well. However, I never really use them. They are fun to knit though since you can finish them in a day.

I'm relieved to find I'm not the only one bemused by the washcloth phenomena - people knit tons of them and I figure: how many can you need? I've been wondering about them even before I started knit-surfing though; they sell little frotté ones at Åhlens, sometimes called tvättlapp and sometimes makeuplapp (strange word). Personally I think it's an American trend to be obsessed with cleanliness to the point where you start taking a potato peeler to the skin (I'm thinking American Psycho here - one of the first chapters where he's performing his morning ablutions), but then maybe I'm just a nasty European... ;-)
I could imagine using one for cellulites and one for the face though - so yes, maybe two are the perfect gift...

I agree with egj's post. Obsessive cleanliness, yup. I have those really scratchy gloves you can buy at Body Shop, and use them fairly frequently. Especially on my oh-so-beloved cellulites! ;)
Washcloths are pretty, I agree, but impractical. I prefer the wash gloves or even those big body brushes with a long handle so you can scrub yourself on the back. What a strange discussion this turned out to be! ;)

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