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Sunday, December 10, 2006 

I told you

After a short escapade into the land of variegated sock yarn, I have returned once and for all to my solid state of disrespect for the abovementioned string. What was I thinking? I even cast on for beautiful lace socks! With variegated yarn! What was I thinking?

Ok, this is what it first looked like:

The yarn itself still looks nice, and I made a picot edge that was fiddly but cute. But you can't see the beautful lace pattern of Flickering flames, which is a shame. I frogged.

This is what it looks like now:

Much better, but if I try and look at it soberly, it is still a damn ugly variegated sock. And the yarn is more orange in real life.

Long story short, I'm glad I tried, but I'll never do it again. It's such a shame, because I really really love the look of this yarn. It just makes ugly socks. I did buy the yarn just for myself, but right now I'm considering making the socks a Christmas present. For anybody.

Today I've wrapped up the secret X-mas swap package I'm sending to Germany. I'm very excited, but there hasn't been much swap action yet. I've secretly emailed the girl who's getting my package, but she hasn't responded, and I haven't heard anything from the person I'm supposed to receive my gift from. I guess swaps are risky business, but I hope this one is going to work out. I'm quite satisfied with the package I'm sending, and I think that if you make a package you'd like to get yourself, you can't go wrong.

I'm the same way - I buy some variegated yarn, try knitting with it, give up because I can't stand it and vow never to knit with it again. Then in a year or so I go through it all again! LOL

Maybe try some feather and fan socks....that pattern tends to break up variegated yarn nicely.

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