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Wednesday, November 29, 2006 

When Satan gets old

he turns religious. It's a Swedish saying, which means that anybody can change her mind. Even myself.

I've just ordered two skeins of 1) variegated 2) sock yarn.

But I have to tell you, they are delisssshious!

The one on the left is for me, and the one on the right just looked too tasty not to buy... might be for my godchildren.

Other than that, I'm knitting on the Tärnabymössa order, and after that comes a pair of mittens, also an order. After that, I can start to sort out all my UFO's and maybe finish something... I know I do finish things, but since I start new stuff all the time the pile of UFO's is constant. It bothers me, since I can never really start fresh with anything since the old ugly and boring stuff is always there. Maybe you should just throw it out if you haven't touched it for six months. It's not very feng shui to have old stuff lying around.

I'm also a happy participant of Theresias X-mas swap. Yes, it's in German. I'm keeping alow profile on the blog, not too keen to flaunt my lousy German skills. I've got a special person who's going to get a package from me to put under the Christmas tree. Now that I think of it, I finished the hand-knit part of that package this weekend; a kerchief scarf from Last-Minute Knitted Gifts. I bought a skein of Opera from HP-gruppen and whipped up the cutest little triangular scarf, just big enough to tie around the neck. It's a great yarn, has a super stitch definition, comes in nice colours and it glitters! It might be my best Christmas tip ever for frenetic Christmas gift knitters: knit something small with yarn that glitters.

Yarn sure is delissssshious!
But guess what arrived today - your parcell! Thank you sooo much! Also your parcell is on the way (I have found time to send it today - will be with you next week). Only problem with sent parcell is I forgot to put in larger chocolate, so you will get only small one, but there are enough yarn, beads, buttons, ribbon and on and on for smile on your face!

Oj, det låter spännade med halsduken - har tänkt mycket på vad jag ska hinna göra egentligen. Hur ser den ut? Kramkram!

Where are the yarns from? I love the one on the right.
What is that phrase in Swedish?

Ruby: They're from Helloyarn. I think the one on the right is called Lime something.

"När fan blir gammal blir han religiös" is how you say it in Swedish. :-)

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