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Wednesday, November 01, 2006 

Wanna swap?

I really miss the SP8 experience with figuring out presents and receiving surprises in the mail. Is there anyone out there, preferably in a non-Swedish country (most countries are), who would like to make a mini swap with me? I'm thinking €20 worth of yarn and other knitting-related goodies to brighten up November. If so, email me at linn underscore lindquist at yahoo dot se. I'm waiting for you!

(If I get lots of answers, I could hook y'all up with each other!)

What a beautiful knitter you are. I loved reading your blog, and your grandmother looks so pretty. She looks as though she is a beautiful knitter too, and does she still knit. Love the idea of a swap but unfortunately it would take about 12 weeks to reach you from me, Australia is a bit far, but I will still keep reading your blog, and find out how you go with your swap. Good luck!

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