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Thursday, November 23, 2006 

Two more souls saved!

Last weekend I went to Örebro to visit a dear friend, and another dear friend was there too, so we had a great walk down memory lane, eating good food, drinking wine, tea, and obviously talking until our throats were sore. Saturday morning I declared that today was the day I was going to teach them how to knit. I figured that if I could teach Emma how to knit, even over the phone, I can teach anybody to knit. We found a yarn store and went for it. Sofia got two ocean green mohairs, one kind of variegated and one with glitter, and Mathilda got a deep purple Drops Alpaca and a glitter mohair, and I decided we'd go for triangular garter stitch shawls; easy yet fashionable. Look at this beautiful sight:

I think I have four saved souls on my record. How many do you have?

Bra jobbat Linster! Ja där ligger man minsann i lä... men min äldsta dotter har äntligen lärt sig i alla fall.

Du har fler på ditt samvete Limpan! Malin, min pendlarkompis har lärt sig och hennes kompis också. Efter det att jag berättat om hur inspirerade du är och hur himla kul det är att sticka! Du är en sån där som alla hört talas om men ingen har sett :-D

Oj! Jag blir alldeles rörd... Vad roligt! Jag säger som Sofie brukar säga: Ripples! Saker man gör sprider sig som ringar på vattnet.

I think I've saved about 12 souls this year. Am I now on the list to become a holy knitter? ;-)

Saskia: You're definitely on another, higher level, I'm just not sure which level. We'll have to look into this knitter level thing. It's not a matter of intermediate or advanced, it is truly a matter of holiness.

Love those knitting gathering on blogs!
Thanks for brightening my day! This virosis is killing me!
And since I am damn ill I didn't find time to give my friends a parcel for you! So, I am gonna send it on monday (maybe even tomorrow) from Croatia!

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