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Wednesday, December 06, 2006 


My stash has been improved during these last few days, and it's all internationally procured yarn. More or less.

First, a colleague came into my office with a plastic bag. She is moving to a new place and knew I really like yarn, so when she found seven hanks of Ålandish Skärgårdsull, she thought of me and gave it to me! They're 300 m each, three brown and four white, knits up to 22/10 cm. Definitely enough for a sweater.

Also, my Helloyarn order came yesterday, express delivery at the door! I had no clue it was going to be express, shipping wasn't that expensive. I was thrilled to squeeze my two merino sock skeins, and today I've been browsing for patterns to do them justice. First I'll knit something of "Syrup", the peach/orange one, and then we'll see what the "Lime twist" will become. I know Saartje knit beautiful socks earlier this fall, with one solid and one multicoloured yarn. When I saw them, I started looking for that multicoloured yarn, and when I didn't find it I forgot about it. Maybe this yarn is the one for such a project...

And as if all this wasn't enough, I got some Croatian stash enhancement today! A month ago or two I asked for a swap here on the blog, and Sandra from Croatia responded. Today I got her package: Yarn, ribbon, buttons, stickers and candy! Very exciting to get Croatian yarn... it might be the only Croatian yarn I have in all my life!

Thank you Sandra!

I lick those sockyarn! St Nicholas really did its best!

Jösses Amalia! Nu måste du vara världens lyckligaste! :D

Wow! You bought multicoloured, selfstriping sockyarn! I just cant believe it! ;)

Well neither can I, but more on that tomorrow...

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