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Wednesday, March 21, 2007 

Brazilian weave

Yesterday I had my weaving class. It’s so much fun! After three full evenings of warping and preparing I could finally weave for twenty minutes last night, and it was so gooood! It struck me that what really appeals to me about knitting are the same benefits as weaving has; the row by row growing and the intense satisfaction of creating something incredibly regular by hand.

When I started the actual weaving last night, it struck me that my rug won’t look like grass and summer as I had planned with my yellow warp and green weft: it looks like something very Brazilian. Like the Brazilian flag. (A particular newspaper ad comes to mind, with a fit, tanned and very hairless girl in a green and yellow bikini, promoting painful hair removal.) This rug might not be well suited for my bedroom, even if I had one, but I can however see myself having picnics or sunbathing on top of it. I would have taken pictures if I hadn’t left my mobile at home. Better luck next time.

Oooh, weaving sounds like alot of fun - can't wait to see your pics of what you have been up to!

Secret Pal x

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