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Sunday, March 25, 2007 


Creativity accidentally hit me the other day as I bought the latest issue of Kreativa kvinnor, a Danish but translated magazine for creative women. The stuff looks really nice and they are generous with patterns for both knitting, sewing and crocheting (among others), but the patterns are often ridiculously brief. "Suggested yarn: mohair". Say no more.

Anyway, in this last issue there was a crocheted skirt pattern, which I astonishingly enough fell slightly in love with. Yesterday I went to Marias garn and got two hanks of a mercerized cotton (this pattern didn't state any suggestions, but at least yardage) in a crazy hot pink/coral colour. I went for a colour I imagined at least wouldn't enhance the greenish light of my summer legs. As soon as I've come beyond the boring beginning I'll take pictures. ..

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