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Saturday, March 31, 2007 

Cutest knitters ever!

Sofie and Joy at the cafeteria at Nordiska museet today.

I liked the knitting exhibition, and was quite inspired by some techniques, even though most of the stuff had "librarian" or "middle-aged cultural worker" written all over it. The exhibition consisted of some garments but mostly really big swatches (40x40 cm) displaying different techniques. I was disappointed not to be able to see the backside of the works, since that's where you can actually see how it's done in some cases. I was however slightly disobedient and lifted a corner here and there, and particularly one technique caught my interest. I'm trying to figure out how to use it, but I might just make a swatch to see if it works in my hands as well...

As we sat down afterwards to have coffee and knit, I could really feel my knitting mojo slowly returning! Joy was knitting a Tärnabymössa in something called "double knit" which I thought was really cool, so I'll have to try that sometime, and Sofie's debut sock knitting made me want to knit some socks myself. For friends babies, maybe. That way it won't take too much time, and you can still give something handknit to your friends' babies. A win-win!

Now I have to go curl my hair for a party tonight. With my new shorter 'do I might get an afro.

Skämtar du?? Jag satt typ två bord bort från er samtidigt! Jag måste ha sett dig men inte kännt igen dig!! Jag var där med mina HV-kursare, vi åt lunch och sen tittade vi på utställningen.

Nää?! Shit pomfritt! Jag såg bara jättesällskapet som anas i bakgrunden, men det verkade vara nån familjesammankomst.

Haha! Det är ju jätteroligt!

ja, och jag satt faktiskt där och funderade på om inte en av tjejerna var väldigt lik dig!!! men tänkte, äsch, jag bara inbillar mig....

/myra -som var på samma HV-kurs som katarina

Ja, dom såg jag också, de satt liksom mitt framför mig. Jahapp, där ser man, världen är liten. Som vi alla ju vet.

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