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Sunday, June 17, 2007 

More cables

Now I'm here--->

I did three repeats of the 16 row cable (Eunny's sock leg was four repeats. How on earth could I even think I could pull off only knitting three?) before I decided it was time to do something else. A heel for instance. After turning it I was however slightly surprised to see that the leg has shrunk quite a bit. Must be the heel pulling it down. I was a bit disappointed, but then I figured the only reason for a longer leg would be to show off those foxy cables, and there's still plenty of room for that. Sock leg length has a saturation point, a trade-off between the need for warmth and the reluctance of continuing to knit the same thing you've been knitting for days now. My back is aching/ from all sock-making.

So far your sock looks wonderful! Really great!

This is a great pattern - and you are doing amazing socks!

These look fantastic!
And thankyou for being such a great sp :)

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