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Sunday, July 01, 2007 

My new place

Yesterday I moved to my brand new place. My. Place. A tiny terrace house. I bought it! (Sure, technically it was the bank who did, but the bank won't be living here.) It's so surreal. Last night, as all my beautiful, lovely, box-carrying friends had left, I was not only dead tired but also kind of confused. I love the apartment, but I couldn't help but not knowing how to feel about it. I've been waiting for this moment since I started living on my own nine years ago, and now I didn't know how to feel about it. The feeling persisted until today, but it might have passed now. (I can imagine it's the same thing as many new mothers feel.) It's kind of scary knowing that I am responsible to myself fo making holes in the wall, and presumtive disasters will paid for by myself. The people living around me are my neighbours, and I have to be nice to them. Everything depends on me. And I'm all by myself. This place is for me and only me, and I will be living here until somebody suggests we move in together someplace else. And may I say it doesn't seem to be happening very soon, either...

Tomorrow my best friend will come here with his family, and his dad has promised to help me drill holes in my walls (iiix), his mum is going to have coffee with me and hopefully my three godchildren will play in the yard and my best friend help me carry boxes to the repository, throw junk away and admire my little garden, and since they are wonderful people I know I'll feel much better and more at home having them around.

Have a great time in your own and new house (home)!!
I hope to see some pictures sometimes (tag for corners of your house?!)
I can understand your feelings about this al.
It will become normal after some weeks.

Congratulation on your new home! Will there be enough room for yarn?

Haha! There is never enough room for yarn!

And thank you both for kind words. :-)

Congrats on your first home purchase - what an amazing experience and feeling!

Have fun with it - it is probably the best decision anyone can ever make!

Exciting! Congratulations on your new home!

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