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Wednesday, July 02, 2008 


I've been thinking about a simple/basic round-neck cardican with set-in sleeves, little buttons and no fuss. A classic, if you will. I had a look at Yll o Tyll, my former LYS, and the had some tasty dishes:
I think I like the blue one the best, but I'm not sure. It's knit in SilkeAlpaca, which I can imagine would work. It seems to give a good drape to it. But then I also like the green one too, knit in Malabrigo. (I'd knit the sleeves longer though. Sweden is cold in the winter.) The last one is knit in Garnstudios Alpaca, a classic yarn that works for everything. I like that the top two have pockets. Pockets are both useful and stylish.

I love that top sweater. Yll o Tyll seems to have the best patterns. I never made it up there to visit when I was in Stockholm.

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