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Tuesday, July 22, 2008 

Pay it forward

Quite a while ago I found a post on Strikke-Tantens blog with the same title as this very post, and this is me paying it forward. It is such a nice idea, and I'm happy to have been one of the three first to have posted a comment on Strikke-Tantens blog and I'm happy to do the same for you.

This is the deal:

I will send a gift, hand-made by myself, to the first three people who post a comment to this post. The conditions are that
- you pay it forward by doing the same thing on your own blog
- the gifts are handmade by yourself
- the gifts are sent out within 365 days

So, post a comment!

Hello, I am happy to be one of the 3 PIFgirls. I have already a post on my blog for PIF.

PS Bravo for your sock !

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