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Monday, July 21, 2008 

Back in town

I'm back from a great week in the Stockholm archipelago. We were eight girls, of which five were knitting! It was the knitting gals from this winters baby blanket project, and I'm so happy they got bitten by the yarn bug because it makes me seem less crazy.

Jenny knit her first sock, and even though it might not look exactly like the average sock it was more than OK for a first sock. More importantly, she had excellent yarn, and today I went and got some for myself: Regia's Kaffe Fassett sock yarn. I present to you my very own Kaffe sock:
(Jenny's sock had much more vivid colours, but they were out of it at Wincent, so I went for the dusty pastels, like always.)

During the week in the archipelago I finally made some progress on the big aran sweater I'm knitting for myself and desperately hoping to finish in time for winter. As for now, outlook is good -back and almost front are finished. When I get past the sleeves I'm looking forward to knitting a ribbed collar big enough to double as a hat.

SP12 is going great so far, even though I don't seem to get all the SP12 weekly questions mails. I've sent my first parcel and my spoilee was so happy it totally made my day. I've already started shopping for the next one, and it's so much fun! Melissa's great packages last year taught me that it's more fun to just buy the stuff you think your spoilee will like, rather than keeping track of keeping the $60 limit.

I like your aran sweater and I am sure the socks are going to be great !

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