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Thursday, October 20, 2005 

Nothing I do is ever good enough

I hate my life, I hate the comparative administration course I'm currently taking and I would very much like to go someplace really really far far away. I don't read fast enough, I don't understand good enough, I don't write good enough, I'm not clever enough. I'm going nowhere, there's too much dishes in the sink and despite the Pilates I've still got a lovehandle. There's not even that much love about it, it's just a handle. I don't knit fast enough, I don't sew zippers good enough. I don't have any carrots to make carrot cake and I've got curlers all over my head so I can't go to the store. Please teleport me away.

Oh, poor lass...
That course seems really awful! But it'll be over soon now..

PS. Look on the bright side - du har iaf inga mjölbaggar i sängen. :)

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