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Thursday, March 09, 2006 

Yes, lace, yes!

Here's a pic of my last night:

Yum yum yum. I made a swatch to try the pattern and see if I really can make something as pretty as the picture, and apparently I can! This swatch measures 14 x 20 cm, which is quite big. The yarn is not the one I intend to use, but I think the needle size, 4,5 mm, is, so even if I'm not sure what the actual gauge will be I think I can expect something quite close. The yarn shipped today, so I won't have to wonder for very long now!

I was very happy to discover that you actually can learn a 10 row lace pattern by heart. At first I had to read every single stitch in the chart, but after a while it became clearer and clearer and the symmetry of the pattern appeared, and after only three repeats I felt that I can definitely do this for four metres. Knitting equation: If the first hour of knitting makes 14 cm of lace, and considering the acceleration that comes with learning the pattern, when will I finish the edging?

Snyggt! Jag som alltid har varit anti-spets börjar falla till föga, det är ju så vackert hantverk...

Ja, och det är ju inte så svårt! Räta, aviga, omslag, 2tills, ödhpt (heter det väl..? 2tills fast åt andra hållet). Egentligen inga konstigheter.

Åhhhh... *längtar efter helylle-garnet*

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