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Monday, March 06, 2006 

Still snowing

It won't ever stop snowing, I think, but this morning was stunningly beautiful with glistening snow in the sunrise, -8 C... And the roads were ploughed! Yesterday was also a day to remember, when we took our bucket grill (a bucket that is also a grill, very convenient), bought sausage and an incredible inflatable snowracing device and went to the park below the castle, where there are some really good, though short, slopes. We grilled the sausages and tried to hurt ourselves sliding downhill with an amazing speed. The good thing is that inflatable things really are great shock absorbers, so you don't break anything, and the jumps (yes, we built some) don't hurt your spine. Excellent! We even spotted Swedish actress Lia Boysen in the park.

Yes, and Friday night I was dressed as a 19th century parisian prositute, in the good company of other girls with slut ambition. I looked like this, and please notice the skirt I worked very hard to finish in time. But it actually turned out quite alright, so I might even use for an event less clownish. If I behave, you can't see the mutli-coloured tull ruffles on the petticoat...

Oh la la! Que tu est belle! Det var verkligen tjusigt, och sjalvklart ska du anvanda din kjol i fortsattningen ocksa! Behover inte alla lite mer flard i livet?

Lovely skirt! Regarding the previous post, I reccomend this weblog
Sheri's Lace is quite nice. Scroll along the right side of the page.

Thanks for the compliments, and thanks for the tip. It's so funny, I found that exact pattern just a couple of days ago! I printed it and carry it with me in case I stumble across a suitable yarn...

You're looking very saucy, indeed! ;)

Lovely skirt!

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