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Tuesday, February 28, 2006 

Giuchie, Giuchie, ya ya dada

Oh yes. Friday night I'm going to a "Paris" theme party. How do dress for that? Mona Lisa? Chanel suit? Simone de Beauvoir? Amelie Poulain? Nooo... Moulin Rouge, of course! (Although, and if I weighed 20 kilos less, I could go as Paris Hilton.) My dear frog-friend Alida is leding me her black corset, and yesterday I went bargaining for fabric here in Stockholm, and found everything needed for the SEK 150 I had restricted myself to. On Friday I will look stunningly vulgar yet classy in a striped, kneelong burgundy skirt, trimmed with black lace and with four different-coloured tull ruffles down under. There will be photos, I promise... A big thanks to Sofie for all the help during that one hour in the store!

Also, I'm making lots of cookies these days. Try these for instance. They're so good it's ridiculous! On Sunday I made a blueberry/sunflower sponge cake, and yesterday a sunflower Toscakaka for a meeting here at work. (Btw, they have really cheap sunflower seeds at Netto this week!)

You'll have to promise to put in pics here so we can see the progress and the end result! I'm especially curious about the tull ruffles in bright pink against the burgundy skirt :)

Whenever I wear yellow,
I understand why
daffodils dance

nice party ready!

toronto magician

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