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Friday, March 03, 2006 

It just keeps snowing!

My inner knitting compass is slowly turning back to wooly greyish chunky sweaters instead of light and tiny scarves and lace socks, which seems to just until now have been the direction for the next months to come. If anyone knows of a pretty lace sock pattern, please let me know! I've been googling like crazy, but all I can find is, and I'm sorry to have to put it like this, ugly ugly multi-coloured american crap. What is wrong with you people? Who ever invented self-striping yarn and why are you using it? And why do you knit lace with it? You can't even see the stitches! Yeesus.

From my window on the sixth floor I see snow all day long, falling top-down, left-right, bottom-up, here-there. I feel like I'm inside one of those Christmans things that you shake and it starts snowing, but without the shaking.

My progress on the b-ful vest can be seen at http://vestalong.blogspot.com. I've just reached the waist!

Jag håller med om att amerikanska stickare är oförklarligt förtjusta i flerfärgat garn. Ofta i helt förskräckliga kombinationer!

Jag har förvisso köpt randigt garn själv här till strumpor, men jag tror att de kan bli lite småroliga, gröna och vita ränder, inte alls osmakligt! :)

I heartily recommend Interweave Knits and Nancy Bush when it comes to socks. Haven't knitted any meself yet, so I can't tell you if the patterns are ok, but they do make beautiful socks. No self-patterning yarn, there!

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