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Wednesday, July 05, 2006 

Some might say

Since some people don't believe me when I say I've reached the heel, here's the evidence:

There are a few things I'm not very happy about, so I might finish it and then rip it to just before the heel again. 1) The calf part may be too long. I don't know until I have the toe section to pull it completely into position. 2) I didn't reinforce the black section under the heel (what that might be called), despite the recommendations in the pattern. "Me? No, I have polyester in my yarn!" I'm not sure if that will be enough, and when I reflect upon it, that part of the sock might be the first to wear out, since it's the first to hit the floor every step you take. 3) I made some mistakes with the decreases, and k2tog instead of SSK, leaving my pink stripes interrupted by black (as you can see). 4) I got some holes, just like the ones at Mustaa Villaa. On the bright side, I did manage, somehow, to make the picked-up part kind of neat, after a few trials and errors. I can't figure out why you're supposed to slip the stitches on the edge of the heel flap: it's like begging for huge holes.

But the major issue is the length, so I'm going to finish and see what happens there, and then decide whether or not to frog and make better. Perfection does indeed require time. And patience.

Tjusigt! Jag får väl tro på dig då! :D

the sock's already beautifull, but I can't wait to see the end result. Good work! (I just started 'fair isling' and I must say... I've done easier things...)

Hello.... Im Victor Barra... from Mexico... i don't know how i found this page but i liked it... it's different... and i think you are so pretty... and it seems you can do beautiful things because you are
a creative person :)


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