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Thursday, October 26, 2006 

My mum's mittens

I went to Umeå again last weekend, although it was for business purposes this time. I didn't mind though, since I got to spend another few days with my mum. She had almost finished a pair of beautiful mittens, with a pattern put together from different mitten patterns from some library book she couldn't remember the name of. The yarn is Nagano, a superwash, and her gauge is around 27. I think adding a third colour really gives a whole new dimension to the beauty of these mittens. They're quite long, so I was thinking I could knit them removing one row of stars. Look closely, even the middle of the star is red!

Here at my new workplace they have an artclub that has arranged an "amateur salon". I've contributed with a few knitted items, and two days ago a man from another department called me up and asked how much I wanted for knitting a Tärnabymössa for him... I'm going professional! Yesterday I ordered "Baby Ull" from Garntjänst, and tossed in some lavender Top Wool on sale, possibly for a baby item. They ship within Sweden for only SEK 35, so if you find something there on sale (and they're quite cheap sometimes) it's actually not that bad. It's difficult to find decent wool there, though. They appear to be focusing on grandmother knitting; the kind that requires lots of acrylic instead of love, wool and artistery.

And last week I received my own copy of "Lat-minute knitted gifts". Now I know what the fuss is all about! Super cute, lovely photos and nice patterns, though they seem to be a bit too basic for my knitting taste. I haven't made pom-poms in decades...

Vilka fina vantar hon har gjort, mor din! Gulligt med hjärtan tycker jag. :) Å grattis till att bli stick-proffs, det är ju alltid något att skriva på visitkortet... Tenta i morgon (jag vet, varför läser jag bloggar nu!?!) men måste jag fråga dig lite om att sticka cables -vad det nu heter på svenska... kram,S

These are beautiful mittens. I especially love the look of the mittens in the book that is in the background! If you know what book that mitten is from- would you please post the reference? Thank you. 'yoppie'

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