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Saturday, October 22, 2005 

Saturday night, barely alive

I've spent the last five hours reading about the development of the British administration in the seventeenth century. No, I know, I almost can't believe it myself. I have so much to read I can't even attend my boyfriend's mom's birthday dinner in Stockholm. I will make myself a sad little dinner and eat it in front of the TV, maybe read some more (since I can't remember anything of what I read during that last hour at the library) and then try and get some progress on the baby thing. I'm so stressed about that, I hope the baby won't pop out too soon. I'd hate it if I didn't have time to finish the thing before the baby had outgrown it.

I'm so craving to begin with the colchique, but I don't know if I can afford the yarn this month and I really would like something merino but I think I'll end up less satisfied and with a superwash instead. In stash I have a beautiful lilac cotton for the Lelah top, but I actually think I'll have more use of a nice irish pullover than a tiny tank top for the next six months. Obviously, that is the time it will take me to finish, but I think it's an argument that will work on my boyfriend when he starts to reproach me for all my unfinished projects.

A cheer up tip: checkout ekanal.no/slutten.html...
när man kommit till den här sidan har man nog surfat för länge... Ha de'!

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