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Monday, November 07, 2005 

Evidence recovered

Oh well. Erik's camera was well hidden behind a framed photograph on the chest of drawers in our room and not as lost in the taxi home as he first thought, and I am now happy to present to you the evidence of our lovely Saturday evening at the local castle. On the right is me in the dress with which I endured some disciplinary problems. I don't know where I'd been if it wasn't for the "Hollywood fashion tape" I covered my chest and back with before zipping up the dress...

The occasion was, if I haven't metioned it before, the 175th anniversary of the fancy choir Erik sings in, Allmänna Sången. The enormous party took off with a three hour concert at the University, and after a quick walk in the rain (since the buses which were supposed to transport us through it never showed up) we enjoyed a three-course meal and Swedish folk music by Väsen, then some fireworks and a cool live band playing jazzy stuff 'til 2 in the morning. Just lovely.

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