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Friday, October 28, 2005 

This could be the beginning

of a beautiful friendship. I got started on the colchique yesterday, and accomplished 12 cm before bedtime. I would publish a picture if Blogger would just allow it, but it's currently not possible to upload any pictures. Anyhow, it's going quite great; there's nothing like watching the first growing centimetres of your new project. Very satisfying! I think I'll have to get another couple of skeins, though, since the sweater only measures 37 cm from bottom to armhole. That's nothing. I hate getting my lovehandle cold in the wintertime. Yesterday when I was at the library I actually saw a girl reading with a nice big scarf wrapped around her waist. That's what happens when low-cut pants and short tops meets the brisky climate of Sweden.

Hey darlin'!
I'm feelin' a bit nashville today, after spendin' the night on the countryside. very beautiful sunlight and all but unfortunately have no time to enjoy it b/c of stupid "comparative politics-exam". Did bring my knitting though, and I sure hope to make some progress before winter is over. (by the way - I use my scarves in the same fashion as the girl when the weather is like this... brrr!).

I just looooved the santa girls!! Did you buy'em? Lots of love to y'all! (stop by and give me some inspiration on the xmas page - i'm temporarlity out of it...)
Hugs and kisses,
the dixie chick

Welcome to the knitting blog world (fairly recently!). Try www.flickr.com for pictures. I hate how blogger does things!

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