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Sunday, November 06, 2005 

Just like Cinderella

So, the fancy ball is now but memory, though quite a lovely one. The dress turned out very nice and it appeared to stay up by itself, but that was not the case, especially not on the dancefloor... I wasn't the only idiot at the banquet; about one fourth of the young ladies had strapless dresses. It is indeed very stylish, but oh so restraining. (Note to self: add straps until next time)

Unfortunately, Erik seems to have lost his camera on the way home, so we have no pictures of the evening. Yet. I brought my pre-historical APS camera and took some photos, so as soon as I've finished the roll there will be pictures.

Today I've made pizza for my brother who came by with an odd friend and then spent at least six hours playing scrabbles (www.betapet.com) on the web. I can tell I've been doing it too long because my left hand has gone numb from my slightly twisted position.

Oh well. Apart from the essay-writing I will begin tomorrow, I'm quite happy to be done with the dress and able to continue on the colchique. :-)

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