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Monday, November 14, 2005 

How silly can you get?

Colchique: After finally reaching the godron on the front and the very exciting point fantasie No 2 I discovered that the godron I've made on the back was not the same as in the pattern. I made it 3 stockinette + 3 reverse stockinette instead of 2+2. I realized it would cause problems with the diamond pattern and that it would probably look better with the slightly neater 2+2, so I'm looking forward to reknitting half of the back. A few hours later I misplaced the cable in the first diamond and had to frog 3 cm. Grrr!

On the much brighter side is the fact that my knitting friend Fi delivered a baby boy yesterday. The grenouillère I made will soon keep a very small person warm, and I can't wait to sniff that little marcipan thing!

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