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Wednesday, December 07, 2005 

Christmas crafting

Finally, my X-mas-o-holic friend Sofie and I got together for some X-mas crafting, including christmas card creating, santa girls finishing and gingerbread baking. The true christmas spirit didn't really appear, but we did our best anyway, listening to "Lars Christmas" by Lars Vegas Trio. Swedish humour. As for the santa girls, they turned out a bit chubbier than expected (see below), but they're really adorable.

It's now been five days since we moved to our new place, and I think it may turn out quite nice. Early tomorrow morning we shall receive a brand new refridgerator with freezer, something we've been longing for since June, when we first started living without standard kitchen equipment.

Latest news on the colchique is that I'm half-way up on sleeve no 2. I will not be able to make it until Lucia (December 13), but maybe X-mas. It's still a fun project, but I really wish I had enough time to finish and wear it with enourmous pride.

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