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Thursday, December 01, 2005 

New place!

Having finished the first ribbing section on sleeve no. 2 I realized I had forgotten to increase. Frog frog.

We have just been to see our new apartment, which we are going to move to on Saturday. Hurra hurra! Not so hurra was the wallpaper in practically every room. Huge greasy stains in the bedroom, crazy stains from a freezer in the kitchen, ugly wallpaper in the hallway and the wallpaper in the living room wasn't to be seen since there were no lamp in there, but it didn't look too great. We'll try to find the caretaker tomorrow and talk to him, I'm sure it can be fixed.

We are very happy to have gotten such a great place, still. It might sound bad, but the rest was quite OK. Much has been renovated this sumer, so the bathroom is practically sparkling, as is the kitchen sink and tap. The floors are new too. We have a tiny balcony with afternoon/evening sun (although it will be a couple of months before we can acutally enjoy it, as we live in Sweden). I'm quite excited and shall now cease this improductive blogging on behalf of the very necessary packing. Iiix!

Hey girl!
Good luck with all the unpacking.. Johan and I thought the apartment was really nice and I'm sure you can do something wonderful with it.

We have to meet for some knitting and craft-making. I'm ridiculously curious about your little santa-girls. With the last episodes of Closer, Idol and Deperate Housewives being already shown, we need to find something new... Grey's Anatomy? Parlamentet? :/
Well, anyway..
take care and cya tomorrow!
Hugs, S

Return to your blog soon, as I anxiously await seeing the progress on your Colchique! :)

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