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Sunday, December 11, 2005 

Nobel priceless and Mrs Beeton

No, it's true, I didn't get any Nobel price this year either (not one!), nor did any other woman. I still feel truly blessed, sitting at home in our lovely couch, knitting and watching my special someone SING at the Nobel banquet with the rest of his choir. On TV! He looked so fine, and they are really really good. Not as boring as choir music normally is. He and three others sang a serenade in front of the camera, I instantly called my mother but the line was busy. She called me back in a minute and had been on the phone with my grandmother explaining which one of the handsome young men om TV is mine. Silly but unavoidable.

To celebrate this joyful event I started a new project which hopefully won't take too long to finish: Mrs Beeton. I'm halfway on the first one, pretty much. I hope my pining for a wearable colchique won't keep me from finishing. I need some variation, and they're quite sweet little thingies. I can't find my beads though, so I will have to do without. I wasn't really up for the beadthreading anyway, so after some serious bead searching in every remaining cardboard box (a few, yes) I surrendered. I'm using Garnstudios Alpaca and Rowan's Kidsilk Haze, both in a sturdy pink. Earlier this fall I made a beret with this combination, wonderfully soft but not really snug enough to fit, and I meant to make a scarf too, just a long k1p1 to keep me warm, but it was severely boring so not much has happened there since September. I think Mrs Beeton will be quite useful, beadless and all. As soon as my handsome chanteur comes home from the fancy banquet (tomorrow morning I expect) I will retreive the camera and let you all know how well (oh well) I'm doing.

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