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Thursday, January 12, 2006 

Hä ä bar' å åk

I did it! The Tärnabymössa did not at all turn out as ugly as expected. The reindeers I hated so much a couple of days ago did cave in for my steaming iron, and all other unevenness disappear when worn. Excellent. Some day I might knit something else with two colours, only not very soon. The always and ever very critical receiver of reindeers is actually quite happy about the cap.

Yesterday I started knitting some wristwarmers after a pattern from Yll & Tyll's yarnclub, but after finishing the first one today I found that it was too long and too wide, and a bit earlier I realized I had gotten the stripes a bit mixed up. I might have the energy to frog and remake, and in that case I will keep you all posted, but I can't promise anything.

One thing that has really amazed me is all the wonderful feedback I've received on the Colchique-Along. Can you believe it? If I had known it was gonna be such a success, I would definitely have done something about my hair...

And no, I couldn't resist the norwegian knitting book, so I ordered it. :-) It should be here any day now...

Hej colchique-kollegan :-)

Jag blir gaaalen på den här jäkla holländska beskrivningen och skulle vilja fråga dig om lite grejer ang. ärm-shapingen. Om du orkar hjälpa mej, kan du väl skicka ett mail till mia@mia-edvardson.se

Tack på förhand!

That hat is great! So many wonderful designs on it - great job!

Din Stenmarks-mössa är grym. Nu är du även hyllad på min blogg. Och jag länkade till dig- hoppas det är ok!

Helt ok! Och tack för berömmet - jag gillar mönstret, men jag hade nog valt lite roligare färger om jag hade fått bestämma... den kunde blivit ännu tokigare med lite spännande färger, typ limegrönt nånstans eller nåt. Får se om det blir en till mig nästa år... : )

I love it... I want one!!! The reindeer are so damned cute...

Say the word and I'll send you the pattern... the world needs more of these!

Hi! Sorry I'm joining this comments board so late, but I've been googling "Stenmarks-mössa" for about two hours now, trying to find the pattern, and your blog is the only hit I'm getting that leads me anywhere! I'd love this pattern if you've still got it around somewhere- *fingers crossed*.

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