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Tuesday, December 13, 2005 

Follow-up on Mrs Beeton

After not too much of a struggle I've accomplished one beadless Mrs Beeton. It was fun little piece to work with, although I damn myself for not bothering to do a proper gauge swatch but just casting on twenty-something stitches, knitting two rows of stockinette and deciding that it must be about 10 cm. I would like to blame it on my shortage of DPN's (strumpstickor), since the choice was between 3.5 and 5, and I went for the 5 for both of the yarns. As a result, the upper bell edging is a bit longer than the bottom one, which really takes a bit of the charm away. Also it could be a bit tighter around the wrist. And I think it would look better with beads.

Oh well. I got a little break from the colchique and will continue with that in front of "ER" tonight. Now I should try and find some empirical stuffing for my 40-page paper still unwritten and due in three weeks. Hooray!

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