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Monday, January 02, 2006 


I have now finished my Colchique and wear it all the time. Everything went quite smoothly, no ugly surprises when putting it all together. The sleeves are, as I suspected, slightly wide, as you can see in the picture, and the buttonpieces behave as one can expect and not as in the pattern picture.

Abstinence hit me after a day or two, so I knit a pair of Lovikka in no time. You don't want to quit cold turkey, do you? Lovikka is a place up in the north of Sweden, where some woman a hundred years ago or so knit super mittens of one-ply wool (gauge 14/10 cm). The mittens turn out thick (and quick), and after finishing you felt them slightly. I didn't, since I didn't even have the proper yarn for it, but I did make the embroidery. Below is what they are supposed to look like. Also I found a webpage with the history of the mitten (in Swedish).

Gorgeous!!! And your hair looks so beautiful in the sunlight.. is it still the traces of the hair color we bought before, or have you done something to it? If you haven't, I'm definitely buying one of those hair-color and highlight boxes...
Might actually be good, that dear ol' boyfriend of mine is getting a little too inattentive these days. Just being a typical guy i guess... but I can't help but miss the romance - is this what 8 months of being together does?
After turning in the essay I'm going away to the mountains to ski, hope we can meet afterwards!
Hugs, Soph.

Ce Colchique te va magnifiquement bien!!! Un grand Bravo Linster!!!
Valette de Récréablog

Merci beaucoup! :-) Il m'a fait beaucoup de plaisir de tricoter en français. Soyez fière de venir du pays de cette modèle ravissante!

Your sweater came out beautifully! Nice job!

Wow, that sweater is gorgous! You did such a great job.
I found you through the knitting web ring. Your projects are so fun!

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