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Wednesday, February 08, 2006 

Yarn sale!

Sometimes you realize you're not That Girl. I'm not this girl, and that's why I'm putting ten skeins of bright white CottonViscose (500 gr, 1100 lovely metres) up for sale. Gauge: 23/10 cm. In store SEK 410, now only SEK 300! Why not suprise a loved knitter with this excellent quality yarn?

If you're a more wooly kinda gal, like myself, I also have two skeins and maybe even some extra meters of Lamb's Pride Worsted, specially imported from Over There. The other eight skeins was used for the very useful cabled shawl collar cardigan I am wearing on the Blogger profile picture on the right. It's a wonderful yarn! A total of 380 yards, gauge 19/10 cm. Exactly the amount needed for the nice Besotted Scarf I'd knit if I could think of anyone I know who'd appreciate it. All yours for SEK 120.

Or have them both for almost nothing: SEK 400.

If you're interested, drop a comment!

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