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Thursday, February 16, 2006 

Some like it rough

Last week, after I discovered that the red vest I've been knitting for six months is way out of proportion and tossed it far away, and the Lelah knitting gave me backpains (a soft but very sturdy yarn), I was quite disoriented. What is my Next Project? What yarn? What to do? I've been longing for a big shawl, preferably soft and triangular. The internet is just crammed with free patterns. The only thing missing is yarn, and since I'm so broke it actually hurts there isn't much to do about it. In a blaze of light, practically, it hit me that I had 300 grams of a rough Swedish bright purple 3-ply frogged and reskeined wool in the basement. I also found a pattern that doesn't require miles and miles of yarn, just somewhat less than what I actually have. For the moment I can't seem to send a photo of this little thing from my cellphone to my email address, and I can't find the pattern on the web, but I'll post a pic as soon as I can.

During the last week I have also had the time to reflect upon what will be my next project. I've found, in Fi's deep dungeons of really old patterns, a sporty 60's sweater with a kind of sailor collar, which might look great in Vivaldi. Since it has an enourmous yardage, I will definately make a swatch to see if it looks OK. It might make a really nice, soft yet warming summer sweater.

I am also thinking about spicing up this blog with some free patterns and stuff, but I'm not really sure how to do it. Tips are very much appreciated!

Since there has been a very VERY low interest for my yarn sale, I might start to knit baby stuff from the CottonViscose. Many of my friends have babies now, and there are still more to come, so I might as well. Tips are very much appreciated!

Next week I have made the arrangementsrequired for a knitting café for all the happy knitters in my programme. I don't know how many we are, but at least two. I would like to have an exciting project to show off, but the shawl is probably finished by then. I don't want to bring an old, boring not-really-finished project, but I don't think I can afford buying new yarn before next Friday, and the café is on Tuesday... Tips are very much appreciated!

Also, if I don't go for the 60's sweater, I think I'll go for Eunny's argyle vest in Alpaca, the bestest yarn ever.

Hey girl!
I'm definitely up for the Pol Yarn this Tuesday, looking forward to it actually. I'll bring the never-ending scarf :).. Today I sat and listened to the hearings in Parliament, and one thing is for sure; our prime minister is a buffaloo... or at least extremely inconsiderate. But I guess that the ability to walk over corpses has helped him gain power... anyways, i hope everything is well with you - cya on the train! Hugs,

On our prime minister: sad thing is, that if the Bush can be re-elected, so can Göran... Neither left nor right seems right today. I think I'll slip Gudrun my vote...

Hm.. yeah, I'm thinking about casting my vote on her as well. On the other hand, Göran H:s new glasses are quite an improvement, don't you think? Look here!

Thanks again for the train card!!!
Get better soon!

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