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Saturday, February 04, 2006 

Anthropologie capelet and something fluffy

Yes, here it is:

I'm sorry about the lousy picture, but I couldn't find the least shitty camera. What can I tell you about this piece of work? It was a quick fix (right up my alley), fun enough to knit, and if I had gone for a proper gauge yarn instead of combining three threads of different yarns it would also have been outstandingly cheap. I did the magic loop thing on the sleeves which I think slowed it down a bit. Yes, it works, but it's not a very efficient technique in my opinion. I didn't get the stretch holes I worried about, although that might be the result of my efforts not to. I did a silly mistake on the first sleeve though, and that was to start the magic loop round on top of the sleeve instead of under it, so the ending/fastening part is Right There, on my arm, instead of hidden in my armpit. I think I managed to camouflage it well enough, though. The last thing to do would be to sew on a button or something, but I forgot to make a buttonhole and I wonder if it doesn't work well enough without?

As abstinence hit me I gathered all my mohair scraps and cast on maybe 200 stitches, knitting forth and back on a 8mm circular. Gauge is about 11/10 cm. I think I'll finish when I run out of yarn, and time will tell if I'm making a scarf, a wrap or a blanket.

Checkout my site at www.knitandplenty.com. Look under my patterns for sale - great minds think alike. I called mine the Anthro-apology mini poncho.
You have a great blog.

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