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Monday, January 30, 2006 

The more you drink, the more you drink

We had an absolutely lovely housewarming party on Saturday, twenty friends, food, music, wine... Everything went just swell. And when our guests started dropping off, Johanna and myself didn't really feel done partying, so we went out. For some more. Drinks. Stupid. On the way home I couldn't find my keys, so I had to call Erik and have him open the door for me. Yesterday, when I was going to tell him where we had been and what we had done, he claimed that I had already told him. I cannot remember the last time I felt so hung over. I went up at 11 for a pizza slice and some water, and then laid on the couch. I then left it nine hours later. I was too sick to even sit up straight. Why don't you ever learn from these things?

Anyway. I have knitted too. Mia: I'm using Garnstudios Alpaca along with Kidsilk Haze. Very soft and cozy. Karen: thank you so much for your insightful analysis of the shitty leaf wristwarmer. I agree with you, and would like to add the puffiness around the wrist. The ones you linked too looks great, a nice pattern previously unseen. I'll go for that as soon as I'm done with my current project (can somebody please stop me!?)... These were actually the third wristwarmers I tried knitting, and I'm getting kind of sick of all these failures. It's a good thing they're quite small, so the hours and metres of yarn lost aren't too many.

My current project, which I started yesterday evening, as soon as I could sit up, is this pretty little thing which hopefully will look great with anything; summer dresses, white shirts... I have this idea that I look great in lilac, so this one's almost the same colour as the Lelah top, but knit in two strands of Garnstudios Alpaca (my favourite yarn, probably) and one strand of Garnsudios Vivaldi, a fluffy mohair. I was thinking of making a buttonhole where the brooch is, but I forgot to do that, so I'll go for the brooch or maybe a bow, if I can find a good way to fasten the ribbon. Also, I "modified" the pattern, so I'm doing it in stockinette instead. Revolting.

That little shrug looks so cute! And you're welcome for the wrist-warmer advice - it was fun to try that out on such a small-scale project. And when I showed it to my granddaughter, she liked it, which is incentive to make another pair (from a better pattern) for her. And it's also such an inviting template to try out some lace patterns from one of my stitch pattern books, too. You have a nice blog, I'm glad that I ran across it.

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