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Saturday, July 29, 2006 

Alone again

So, after a month in China and three carefully spent days in Sweden, my loved one left for the south of France last night. He'll be back in ten days. Life is so hard on me these days.

At least I have a little bit of money (or maybe that was before my shopping spree...) so I could go out and buy myself some textile comfort. I found a nice fabric for a new silly summer city bag, since the one I sewed by hand four years ago is a bit worn out. The fabric is purple, off white and greenish, and to spice it up I didn't only find two matching buttons in the odd buttons cardboard box, but also a tuft in just the right greenish colour. On sale! Oh, this is going to be sooo pretty!

Lately I've been experimenting on a Trinket-looking Kid Silk Haze scarf, as seen on the left in the picture. I'm having a slight moral dilemma with this, since I'm not actually buying the pattern from the designer but only (let's face it) copying it. And I'm not sure that I would buy it even if I had the money. But I do believe that the knitting tradition and historical folk knitting designs haven't survived for centuries thanks to copyright. I am hence defending my action like any other pirate would: some things can't always be profited on. And I'm not taking any credit, but rather knitting this as a tribute to Kim Hargreaves. Oh well. I did have almost one skein of KSH at home, so I cast on and did a little back and forth, ripped a few rows (yes I did manage to frog mohair!) and am now quite close to something I'm gonna go for. I went to my LYS today and borrowed their scale to figure out if the experiment will ever reach a useful length, and it just might. You won't be able to tie it, but maybe a cute pin will do the trick. Today I bought two brand new skeins of KSH and matching beads (upper right), and this time we'll go all the way, Trinket and I...

I also got some blood red Vivaldi with matching beads (is this mohair-bead combo really healthy?) for a sp...ecial friend.

So now I don't know where to begin. But I think some easy sewing would do me good (not to mention lunch), so I'll get back to you later with something finished...

Nothing like a little KSH to keep you company until your LO returns! The scarf looks beautiful so far.

This looks really beautiful.

toronto magician

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