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Friday, July 14, 2006 

What a week!

I came home from the breathtaking sailing experience alive and undrowned, even though there was a humiliating incident that could have ended up much wetter than it did. My face has a new tone of red and the ground has been moving constantly and in a wavy manor since I left the boat. But I had a really marvellous time! The archipelago has much more in common with the north of Sweden than I had realized, with lots of stone and pine, and it's so much bigger than I could have ever imagined! The boat was cool, seven metres long and with enough room inside (even though "inside" probably isn't the correct term) for up to five sleeping sailors, not to mention a small yet functional kitchen area. I learned so much about sailing and boats, many new words, especially words for what I would refer to as "rope", and even some practical skills, like hoisting and reefing sails. What I don't understand is how to take advantage of the wind in the best way, but not even Rome was built during a three-day sailing escapade.

My captain and my navigator:

This has also been the week when I landed a job, thus temporarily liberating myself from my final studies. It's a substitute from September to April, giving me the opportunity to extend my worklife experience, so that when I eventually get my degree I'll have hoards of headhunters hunting for my head.

And as if this wasn't enough, I finished the guernsey sweater for Frode last night! This is what it looks like in bad lighting, shot with a mobile camera:
I knit it in size 3-4 years, for a boy who's turning two next week... Oh well. He'll be able to enjoy it for a very long time.

Pattern: Guernsey sweater from "Family knits" by Debbie Bliss
Yarn: Lanett from Sandnes Garn, 100% merino wool
Yardage: Less than four 50 gram balls (about 195 metres/ball)
Yarn Source: Yll & Tyll
Needles: 3 mm & 2.5 mm DPNs
Gauge: 27 st/10 cm in stockinette (close enough to the recommended 28)

On Sunday, my three godchildren and their parents will drop by, so I thought I'll throw a tiny birthday party for Frode.

And if all THIS wasn't enoguh, I got SP mail today! I thought I wouldn't get anything for a very long time, since I just got a package, but maybe my secret pal is just getting warm... I'll just wait and see.

Swedish government are so into NPM that they just don't do public services like delivering mail, running trains or in any This is what I picked up at our local post office (or gas station, not a post office, since theother way guaranteeing the national infrastructure anymore):

(Please note how well it goes with our parquet floor)

And this is what I found inside:
Two pieces of floral print fabric (clever! I actually seem to be unintentionally collecting it these days), more candy (less now, though...), two different kinds of tea, stitch markers (excellent!), a hairclip in blue/turquoise/pink (right on!), a super cute sheep-shaped card holder (haha! the wool reference hit me just now!), more of the decorating flowers I got last time (and assurance that they are indeed for decoration), a multi-coloured "Amazonas" soap (well I am quite tall) and a cute photo album. And a card, of course, here displayed in the sheep-shaped card holder.

Secret Pal, you're such a darling! Thank you so much for all your thoughtful gifts and for making this superb week even better.

Ahhh, you got Lindt.

so glad you could join us!!! i think you might have stepped off at the right moment though, because after that we got hit by bad luck - our engine died, the sjökort (sea map?!?) got blown overboard and the winds hit 16 m/s with waves that were crashing over the boat in such extent that i could see underwater through the windows inside! will mail the pretty pictures of you and the boat as soon as i can!! (also hope you can join us at the party *<:)

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