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Monday, July 31, 2006 

On merino

I think I should know all this already, but I realized when asked by less knowing people that I could brag about a merino yarn but not explain what the heck merino actually is. One of my life's mottos is that "if I don't then they probably don't either", so for all of you who still don't know what merino is, here's a clue. Well of course it's a sheep! And a clue in Swedish (if you can access Nationalencyklopedin). Did you know that the first person ever to export merino from Spain was Mr. Potato himself, Jonas Alströmer? Quite a pioneer, I must say. Actually, he might be my new idol, since I'm very fond of both potatoes and merino wool.

And guess what! Today I got my Cabled Cardigan pattern in the snailmail! Iiix! I'm very excited
(and if I seem a bit over the top it's because I just had some coffee on an empty stomach), and have some problems deciding what colour I should go for. What is the colour of this fall? I'm thinking of Kid Classic by Rowan, but I'm stuck between Nightly, Battle and Smoke. I might have to do some fashion research before I set to work.

Smoke is very beautiful. Perhaps it's a bit too dark? I would probably go with Battle.

I probably would too, but then Fi informed me that nobody pulls off lavender as I do, so what do you know... I've ordered lavender! (Flatter gets you way too far with me...)

And I was just about to suggest lavender, too! I think it will look great with the pattern!! And you DO look good in lavender...

(who is coming to sthlm btw 20 - 25th of august - we should def. meet before Germany!)

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