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Wednesday, August 02, 2006 

I just don't know what to do with myself

As I was on my way home from the first and, let's face it, the last 94th birthdayparty I've ever been to I got a call from my best friend Alex, whose children I am godmothering, who asked me if I'd be home in an hour, because they were stopping by on their way home from Norrland and needed my help deciding from a bag full of something.

This is what was in the bag:

(Alex had been plant-dyeing yarn for a few days it seems, and isn't even a knitter himself...)

And the help they needed was to pick out the yarn I would like for my birthday! What a heavenly yet tormenting decision! I felt like crying when facing such an unannounced task, unprepared as I was, caught off guard and more stuff like that. I was supposed to receive four hanks of light green and one hank of darker, from the same dyebath but originally different shades of grey, but then Alex wasn't sure is that was what I wanted (duh), and therefor he needed the help picking out. Oh, the humanity! After carefully screening the hanks back and forth and feeding my godchildren leftover birthday cake to be able to hear myself think, I asked how much I could have (it's very difficult to remain polite and grateful in a situation like this), and the response was that I could have as much as I wasn't ashamed to. It takes a whole lot of yarnlove to keep oneself balanced, but I did go for the five skeins originally intended for me and then, after consulting "Norsk strikkedesign", complemented with three skeins of a walnut shell-dyed brown. 300 metres a hank. I am slightly embarressed by my unstoppable desire, but nevertheless very content.

Apart from the "Norsk strikkedesign" Aran sweater ("den er snarere irsk", as my norwegian and hence better-knowing colleague commented) I've also been kind of keen on the cover piece, the grey and blue kimono-style cardigan with sleeves from here to eternity, and if I ever get the time to knit all I now actually have yarn for I will make it light green and brown, and then find a matching yarn for the edges.

Thank you so much, you ridiculously kind and me-well-knowing people with beautiful children!

I love you!

There's a special place in heaven for people who give yarn to knitters.

That is one true word. I couldn't have said it better myself.

And they look cute too! :-D

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