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Friday, August 04, 2006 


I guess you can tell I'm on vacation since I'm blogging like never before. You can also tell that I'm a bit bored and like to do anything but write the major paper I should be writing (although I have made some progress) by this tip I'm about to give you: If you're a blogger, use some kind of statistics device. I'm using Sitemeter since it's free, but I've discovered one feature that I'd almost, but not definitely, would pay for: The "recent visitors by world map" function. On the webpage of my counter, I can not only see from which locations people come, what ISP they're using and what other site directed them to my blog, but I can also see them as dots on a world map! I just love this, it really makes me feel like a world citizen. For example, on my current map with the ten last visits, I have visitors from Scandinavia, Ireland, USA, Australia and Singapore! My little blog! Can you believe it?

OK, that's all for now. Silly me.

Hello, I presume I am your Irish visitor. Know what you are going through with your paper. I've just handed one in, thankfully it's over. In the intervening period I knit, baked, read even cleaned the house rather than start the paper. Best of luck with yours.

How is your colourwork working out? I saw your comment just now, I hope you've figured something out? Do you have any photos of your first swatch? Have you tried inverting the colours in a new swatch?

Yeah, I kind of panicked... I did invert the whole thing, and I think it will look much better with green patterning on brown bottom, since I'm gonna make the border brown too. New pictures coming soon!

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