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Tuesday, May 08, 2007 

Salina progress!

Yes, this is actually going quite well! I'm bringing Salina along with me when I go to work, so I have at least 42 uninterrupted minutes of knitting every day on the subway. And as you can see it pays off! I'm going to have to check, but I think I've finished the last increase on the front, and I'm totally excited about reaching the front opening. Yeah - that's a severely dorky thing to say. And as you can see in the picture I have a few rows to go...

I've looked at pictures of other Salinas, as well as the pics in the book, and I have to say that I think the sleeves are a bit too wide for my taste. I'm thinking of making them slightly tighter, and to compensate for the smaller number of stitches when reaching the top of the sleeve I think I could just make the decreases fewer and spread them out. The decreases won't align with those on the front and back, but I don't think it will show with these tiny little stitches and tweedy yarn.

Secret Pal - look, I'm using the bag from the Simply Knitting you sent me! I thought it was a bit too much with the yarnprint and all, but it keeps my needles from poking holes in things, and that's always a good thing.

Your Salina is looking georgeous! Good job I picked up your extra skein today, looks like you are motoring through!

I have the same bag from "Simply Knitting" and, like you was not overwhelmed by it - mine is still sitting on my knitting shelves at home. Sometimes their free gifts are better than others.

Got everything for your second parel ready, now just need to post...!

SP x

I've seen few Salinas around blogging word, and everytime they turn out great! Just like your one will! Can't wait finishing product!

Hej! Stickkväll den 16e, hoppas att du kan! Kram, S

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