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Sunday, January 22, 2006 

"All work and no knit"-season ahead

Torrow is the first day of my new scary adult life. I'm going to Stockholm to start my practical training at Statskontoret, where I will work for no money until June, and then work for some money (I hope) during the summer.

Tonight I've done a few rows on the Lelah top. It's supposed to look like this: ------>
But who knows. At the moment it looks like this:

It does look a bit funny, but I hope it will turn out at least nice, possibly lovely. I would like to have it done for our housewarming party on Saturday, but let's be realistic... The yarn I'm using is Blue Sky Cotton, which is a very nice yarn but I'm not really sure of the outcome, since it's not as bouncy as wool. Maybe it will just slip off my chest when least expected. The colour in the WIP-picture isn't really accurate, and I think this pic is true to the pretty lilac I'm using:

Anyhow, it's not really getting late yet but time does fly and I still have to decide what to wear tomorrow. When I was there for the interview I made some observations, and they're not really that business-looking, and even though I still want to make a good impression I've once been laughed at for my preppy look during my first weeks of employment. I think I'll settle for something not in need of ironing...

I love this top, it would be great for the summer and spagetti straps added for those of use that would not trust it to stay up. Can you let me know where you go the pattern. - Amy

I know, I can't think of anyone who wouldn't look stunning in this. Yet. The pattern can be found at http://knittingforboozehags.com/freebirds/lelah-top?PHPSESSID=af26056fc08505e11dd22d4d505ea910 . Good luck!

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