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Thursday, January 26, 2006 

Leaf armband

I'm halfway through, and there's something seriously wrong with this pattern. The picture isn't even clear enough to show what it's supposed to look like, but I'm sure I'm not even close... To be continued.

Hello, Linster in Sweden, from Karen on the Oregon Coast! I took a look at the "Leaf Armband" pattern, and it seems to be seriously miswritten. It looks as though the designer made the wrist mitts in the round, and then wrote the pattern for flat knitting. I'm going to sit down this afternoon and see if I can figure out what this pattern should say for sure, but in the meantime, try this: On every even-numbered row, instead of beginning and ending p8,k6...k6,p7 -- try doing p7,k6...k6,p8 instead. I think that's where the problem lies, that the sts on either side of the leaf-lace pattern are misaligned. And I'm also wondering about where the seam will lie; it may be better to make these in the round, but I'll get back to you on this.

Well, where do I begin? I made one wrist-warmer from this pattern, and yes, had to make the stitch adjustment I mentioned above. But I repeat and add to my criticism of the pattern: no gauge given; needles called for are two different sizes (one of which doesn't exist as far as I know); and the thumbhole is too small; and the "side seam" runs directly in the middle of the palm, which after a test drive with my computer mouse, felt uncomfortable on the wrist area. Also, because of the way the thumbhole is placed, the lacy leaf gets pulled off-center, toward the thumb side of the wrist. If I were going to make another wrist-warmer to match, instead I'd rip out the first one, modify the pattern, including using dp needles to eliminate the seam, and then make two of them. BUT, after a bit of googling around I found (IMO) a better-looking (and perhaps better-fitting) lace wrist-warmer pattern that I'd choose instead of this poorly written one. http://www.spunmag.com/article/050410handwarmers Good luck!

...det här var det första engelskspråkiga mönster jag gjorde, och det gick alldeles suveränt! Vad har du för garn? Jag stickade i garnstudios angoratweed (tror jag det hette), och hade inga problem... konstigt. Kanske hade jag nybörjartur eller fattade inte att mönstret var kass?

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